How to Increase Elemental Resistance in "DragonFable"

"DragonFable," a fantasy RPG, utilises a system of items to increase your character's stats. While some items increase your defence or damage, others increase your resistance to a specific element. Obtain as many element-resisting items as possible to increase your character's overall elemental resistance. Most of these items are available in the Elemental Cave, an area in Ash Dragonblade. Your character will also gain resistance every time he levels up.

Visit The Elemental Cave, located in Ash Dragonblade. The elemental cave houses most of the elemental rings.

Walk around the cave until you see a clear, glass ring. Click on the ring to add it to your inventory. The Glass Ring increases your resistance to fire.

Continue walking around the cave, locating rings. Rings are symbolised by a gold band and a light blue gem. Each ring increases your resistance to a specific element. Rings available in the cave include the Binding Ring, Brass Ring, Clay Ring, Fireproof Ring, Class Ring and Heavy Ring.

Walk around the cave until you see the Scale Belt, an orange belt with a grey buckle. Click on the belt to increase your resistance to fire. Other belts available in the area include the Ragged Leather Belt, the Silk Belt and the Studded Belt. The Scale Belt is the only belt that increases elemental resistance.

Locate the Angel Wrath, a double-bladed axe. Click on the axe to add it to your inventory, increasing your resistance to wind.

Increase your resistance to ice by obtaining the Triumvirate Prism. This item, located in Surewould Forest, just past the Water Elemental cave, increases your resistance to ice.

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