How to Get Bloodlines in the "Ninja-RPG"

In "Ninja-RPG," you can get something known as "Bloodlines" in the game which increase your Ninjas' abilities in battle and enhance their ninja abilities. Bloodlines are not available to all players however, as only Genin-ranked ninjas have access to them. Once you reach the Genin rank, you can get a Bloodline for your ninja in one of two ways. The first way is to roll dice at a special location for a random Bloodline. This gives you a Bloodline for free. The second way is to purchase a Bloodline. This is more expensive, but you get to choose your Bloodline.

Go to the "Old Cabin" which is located on your World Map in the central-western region.

Speak with the old man and agree to roll.

Click "OK" to roll the dice. This will give you a random bloodline.

Go to any major city in the game.

Enter the local "General Store."

Speak to the man behind the counter about "Other Goods." This option is only available to Genin-ranked ninjas.

Scroll down the list to find the bloodlines that are offered.

Click the one you want and purchase it.

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