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How Can I Get a Free Catholic Bible?

Updated July 20, 2017

The Catholic Bible consists of 27 books in the New Testament and 46 books in the Old Testament. The seven additional Old Testament books, not included in the Protestant Bible, are known as the deuterocanonical books. Three common Bible translations used in the Catholic faith are the Rheims-Douay version, the Vulgate version and the New American Bible. There are many methods of obtaining or reading a Catholic Bible free.

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  1. Contact your local Catholic church.

  2. Speak with a parish education representative.

  3. Inquire if they have any free Catholic Bibles available.

  4. Go to a website like or

  5. Click the "Order Bible" link.

  6. Complete the Bible request form to have a Bible mailed to you.

  7. Go to the Vatican's website.

  8. Click the "Resource Library Link," which is the first round icon below the Pope's name.

  9. Click "The Bible" and select your language.

  10. Click the "Section Links" to read the text online.

  11. Go to a website like Project Gutenberg or

  12. Search for the Bible translation you desire. For example, search for "Rheims-Douay."

  13. Click on the translation link to download the Bible to your computer. You may be able to print this file or transfer it to an e-reader device.

  14. Go to your local library.

  15. Ask the librarian for help locating a Bible.

  16. Check out the Bible to read.

  17. Tip

    Several websites offer online viewing of the Catholic Bible.


    Bibles For America only provides the New Testament. When you request a Bible from, specify that you want a Catholic Bible.

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