How to use a Simplink on an LG TV

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SimpLink is a connection feature on LG televisions that detects when the power is turned on to a component connected to the LG set. The TV then switches inputs automatically to work with the device.

For example, if you have a DVD player and a gaming system hooked up to the TV, the input on the television for the DVD player will activate when it is switched on. Only one component at a time can be turned on for the feature to work properly.

Turn off the power to all components before connecting them.

Connect HDMI cables from the outputs on the back of your AV components to the inputs along the rear connection panel of the LG TV.

Turn on the LG TV and press the "Menu" button on the remote control.

Push the down-arrow directional button on the remote control to select "Option" and highlight "SimpLink," then press the directional button again to turn on the SimpLink feature.

Turn on the power to one of the AV components connected to your LG TV set. The SimpLink feature automatically activates the HDMI jack that connects to the component you just turned on, so the TV is ready to work with that component.