Diy decorative wire mesh cabinets

You can add style to your plain raised panel cabinet doors by installing decorative wire mesh inserts. You can do this by removing the raised panel from the centre of each door and fastening a wire mesh insert to the backside with tabs. Wire mesh will add a traditional look to your cabinets.

The mesh panels come in a variety of metal finishes, including copper or bronze. Select a metal finish that will complement your kitchen hardware. This style is ideal for country, cottage or lodge style homes.

Place the cabinet door on a work surface with the front side facing up. Drill a 3/4-inch hole approximately 1/4-inch away from the edges of the rail and stile in one corner of the raised panel with a drill and 3/4-inch drill bit. This hole will allow access for the jigsaw bit. The rails are the top and bottom boards of the frame, and the stiles are the sides.

Insert the jigsaw bit through the hole that you drilled in Step 1. Saw carefully along the edges of the rails and stiles of the cabinet door frame to cut out the raised panel. Remove the panel from the door once it has been completely cut out.

Sand the cut edges on the inside of the door with a sanding block until they are completely smooth. Turn the cabinet door over so that the backside is facing up.

Route a 1/4-inch wide by 1/4-inch deep notch around the inside edge of the cabinet door frame with a router and 1/4-inch straight router bit.

Sand the routed notch with a sanding block until it is completely smooth. Insert the wire mesh insert into the notched space in the back of the cabinet door.

Center one tab on each side of the mesh panel. Align the mounting hole in each tab 1/4-inch in from the inside edge of the opening. Drive the included screws through the holes in the tabs into the cabinet door frame with a screwdriver.