How to copy and repost in Facebook

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

If a Facebook friend posts something clever or interesting, whether it's a status message or photo, you can share it with others. To copy and repost in Facebook, use the Share function. This function allows you to add interesting updates to your own Wall, to someone else's Wall or to a specific group of people.

The Share function appears for items such as links, videos and photos.

Sign in to Facebook.

Locate the photo, video, page, album or link you'd like to share.

Click the "Share" link beneath the item. This opens the Share This window.

Click the drop-down Share box at the top of the Share This window. Choose "On Your Own Wall," "On a Friend's Wall," "In a Group" or "In a Private Message," depending on where you want to repost the item.

Type a comment in the box where it says "Write Something..." or leave it blank to repost the item as-is.

Click the "Share" button to copy and repost the item.