How to Reverse a Voice on Reaper

Cockos Reaper allows its users to reverse the audio contained in a track, in order to create a back-masking effect. Reaper comes with the ability to record multiple audio tracks, as well as sequences made with virtual instruments. In order to reverse an audio track in Reaper, you must first select the vocal track with your mouse in the timeline section of the user interface, right-click and then select "Reverse items as new take." Create a reverse effect in Reaper in less than five minutes.

Launch Reaper by double-clicking the icon located on your desktop. If a desktop icon was not created during installation, go to "Start," type "Reaper" into the search field and then select it from the results of the search .

Open the project file that holds the vocal track you want to reverse. Click "File," "Open" and then select the project from the list that comes up on the pop-up screen. Click "Browse," navigate to the project file location on your hard drive and then click "Open" if it is not immediately displayed.

Select the vocal track that you want to reverse by hovering your mouse over it on the timeline, right-clicking your mouse and then choosing "Reverse items as new take." The recorded vocal track is processed in reverse order.

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