How to remove your picture on your oovoo account

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OoVoo, similar to Skype or iChat, is a program for web conferencing that is compatible with Mac and PC computers, as well as mobile devices. Currently, your membership to this program, once you have joined, is permanent. You can uninstall the program, but your information will remain on their servers. There is no option to delete your picture completely from your ooVoo account once you have loaded it. However, you can remove your current picture, by trading it with some other picture on your computer. You can trade your current picture for any picture on your computer, even one that is just a blank picture with no features.

Log into your ooVoo account. You can create multiple ooVoo accounts, so make sure you sign in to the account that you want to remove your picture from.

Click "File" and then select "My Account." Click "Edit My ooVoo Card."

Click "File" and then select "Change My Display Photo." Choose and click the option: "From File." This will allow you to browse the pictures currently available on your computer.

Select an arbitrary picture from your computer. Choose any picture that you would not mind remaining on the ooVoo system. You can create a blank picture in a paint program and use that as your arbitrary picture. Highlight your arbitrary picture and click "Open." You will then see your new picture next to your account name and your old picture will be successfully removed.

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