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How to use magnet links in frostwire

Updated March 23, 2017

FrostWire is a cross-platform, P2P software application that allows users to search, download and upload all types of files, such as audio, video, programs, images and documents. In addition, newer versions of FrostWire allow you to search for torrents. A magnet link is a link accompanying a torrent file on a torrent search engine that you can usually click on to receive the link. Magnet links are primarily used in P2P programs such as FrostWire. The magnet link contains the same information as the torrent file. You can use magnet links in FrostWire to download torrent files.

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  1. Go to your favourite torrent search engine to search for the torrent you want the magnet link to use in FrostWire. The magnet link should be next to the torrent file.

  2. Right-click the magnet link and then click "Copy."

  3. Run FrostWire and then wait for the P2P software program to load and connect to the Internet.

  4. Click the "File" menu and then click "Torrent or Magnet." Click "Paste" to paste the magnet link from the torrent you want to download and then click "OK." The torrent file goes into the FrostWire queue and it begins to download on your PC.

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