How to Make Fake Fat

Fake fat can be created for any number of reasons, such as a prop for a theatre production, film project or haunted house, or as part of a visual during a health seminar. Tofu works as a fake fat prop due to its resemblance to the real thing and malleable nature.

Use tofu as a prop only and refrain from using it to stuff a fat suit, as it will eventually sour and give off an unpleasant odour.

Place a container of old tofu in your freezer. Leave in until completely frozen, which should take less than a day.

Take the tofu out of the freezer. Mix light yellow and white paints together and paint the frozen tofu, as most fat has a yellow-whiteish tint.

Display your fake fat as desired or use as needed for assorted shows and film projects. The tofu is still usable as fake fat once it thaws, however it might crumble more easily.