How to Enable JavaScript in Maxthon

Maxthon is a Web browser that uses the Trident layout engine, which most Internet Explorer versions rely on to render Web pages. It adds some features Internet Explorer lacks, such as enhanced ad blocking, additional hot keys, mouse gestures, bookmark syncing and many others.

Since Maxthon uses the same engine as Internet Explorer, go to the "Internet Options" from the "Control Panel" to enable certain features like JavaScript if you have trouble viewing certain websites or witness JavaScript errors using Maxthon.

Click "Start" and go to "Control Panel."

Double-click the "Internet Options" icon. Click the "Network and Internet" or "Network and Internet Connections" icon, depending on your operating system, if you cannot find the "Internet Options" icon.

Click the "Security" tab and click "Custom level." Scroll down the "Settings" box until you see the "Scripting" section. Select the "Enable" option under "Active Scripting." Click "OK" to apply the changes. Restart your Maxthon browser so you can view websites that rely on JavaScript properly.