How to Change Email in "Moshi Monsters"

Moshi Monsters is an interactive online game developed by Mind Candy Ltd. The game is available both for free and on a monthly subscription. Moshi Monsters allows you to create your own monster and carry out a range of challenges to gain "Rox" gems and improve the happiness of your monster.

However, if you change your primary e-mail address, you may need to update your contact information in your Moshi Monster account to ensure you continue to receive regular updates from the game.

Open up your Internet browser and go to the "Moshi Monsters site."

Enter your login details and sign into your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Contact Us."

Enter your e-mail address and username into the appropriate boxes. Select the subject drop-down menu and select "Something else."

State that you would like to change the email address associated with your account. Include your name, your monster's name, your old e-mail address, your new e-mail address and your date of birth in the email text.

Click on "Send" to send the email. Wait for a reply from Moshi Monsters to confirm that Mind Candy has changed the email address associated with your account.