How to Make a Children's Indian Headdress

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Make your child an Indian headdress so he can wear a Native American headpiece. You can customise the headdress by dyeing the pasta beforehand with food colouring. Allow your child to pick the colour of ribbon to use for the band if she is adding this headpiece to her dress-up closet. You can also personalise the headdress depending on the occasion. For instance, if you are making an Indian headdress for a Thanksgiving dinner, oranges, greens and browns are fall colours that would go well with the theme.

Measure a 2-by-18-inch strip of corrugated cardboard around the front to the back of the child's head. Hold the strip so it fits snugly on the child's head and snip off any extra cardboard.

Lay the cardboard band flat and cover with a piece of 2-inch-wide ribbon, leaving at least 6 inches of ribbon extending on each end of the cardboard to be used as tails on the back of the headdress. Attach the ribbon to the cardboard with hot glue.

Affix pieces of dry Penne Rigate pasta in a single vertical row along the ribbon that is covering the cardboard. Flip the pasta-covered band over so the cardboard is facing up.

Decide how many artificial feathers you want to add to the front of the headdress; anywhere from six to 12 is an ideal amount. Make your own feathers out of cardstock, if you do not have artificial feathers, by cutting long oval shapes in various lengths from cardstock and fringing the edges by cutting small tightly-spaced slits along each side of the ovals. Draw a line down the centre of each paper feather for the main vein. Cut a 2-inch long stem on the base of the feathers for attaching them to the cardboard and hot glue the paper stem to the backside of the cardboard.

Slide additional pieces of the Penne Rigate pasta over the hard ends of the feathers so you have at least 1 inch of the end of the feathers exposed to insert in the headdress; do not add pasta to cardstock feathers, if you are using those. Apply a small amount of hot glue inside the pasta to secure it on the feathers.

Arrange the feathers in a row with the longest feathers in the centre followed by the shorter feathers graduating out to the ends. Find the centre point on the cardboard strip. Add hot glue to the end of the longest feather and insert it in the middle, tucking it in between the layers of the cardboard all the way up to the piece of pasta. Continue adding the feathers to each side of the tallest one, graduating them in size and leaving 1 inch of space between each end of the feathers.

Roll the piece of cardboard around into a circle and attach the ends of the cardboard together with a line of hot glue. Allow the ribbon ends to dangle at the backside of the headdress. Hot-glue one to three feathers to each end of the ribbon so the tips of the feathers face down.

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