How to Mount an ISO With Roxio

If you want to burn a video file onto a DVD, you must first create an ISO, or disc image file.

An ISO disc image file contains all the components that allow a DVD to operate, which consists of the VOBs, or video object files, that store the actual video information, the IFOs, or disc information files, that control the disc operation and the backup files. You do not have to create these files yourself. You can mount an ISO using Roxio Creator.

Launch Roxio Creator on your computer from the desktop shortcut if you have one for the program. Alternately, click the "Start" button, click "All Programs," click the "Roxio" folder and click "Roxio Creator" to open the program.

Click the "Add New Movie" button in the left navigation pane in Roxio Creator. In the window that opens, go to the folder that contains the video files you want to mount as an ISO and double-click the first file. If you want to add additional videos to the same DVD, click the button again, navigate to the folder and double-click the next file until all the files you want to include have been added.

Press the "Burn" button at the bottom right corner of the Roxio "Burn Project" window to show the burning options. Click the box next to "Burn to disc" to remove the check from the box and click the box next to "Save disc image file" to check the box. Click the "Browse" button in the Image File section of the window, navigate to the folder into which you want to save the ISO file that Roxio creates and click "OK" to return to the Burn Project window.

Highlight the part of the file path that reads "MyDVD" in the Image File section of the window. Type in a new name that will help you identify the DVD project over the highlighted text, such as the movie name.

Press "Burn" at the bottom of the Burn Project window. A preview window will appear on the screen and show the progress of the ISO file's creation. When the ISO has saved to the folder you selected, a message appears on the screen to indicate the successful mounting of the ISO.