How to Soften Levi's

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New Levi's jeans can be stiff and uncomfortable due to the starch and chemicals used when manufacturing the jeans. You don't have to suffer in stiff new jeans. Take steps to ensure that your new blue jeans will be just as comfortable the first time you wear them as after repeated washings.

Prepare your new jeans for comfort and enjoy soft jeans right from the beginning.

Prepare your jeans for washing by pulling the jeans inside out. This keeps the colour of the new Levi's from fading.

Measure liquid detergent and add it to the washer. Wash new jeans separately from other items, and refrain from adding more than three pairs of jeans into the washer at one time.

Pour 1/2 cup vinegar into the wash along with the liquid detergent.

Wash the jeans as you normally would.

Put the jeans into the dryer with a couple of clean tennis balls. The vinegar and tennis balls both help soften your Levi's jeans.