Electra Tumble Dryer 37290 Instructions

The Creda Electra 37290 tumble dryer gently tumbles clothes in a large drum while providing a steady stream of warm air into the drum. This process is very similar to a standard clothes dryer, but the construction of the tumble dryer differs from today's units. For example, the dryer vent, which filters mist air away from the clothes, mounts to the door of the unit. Due to it's age and the lack of features found in newer dryers, the instructions for using the Creda Electra dryer are straightforward.

Place no more than 6 ½ pounds of cotton clothes into the dryer. If drying synthetics or polyester, do not exceed 2 ½ pounds of clothes.

Sort the clothes into similar fabrics and colours to ensure you can select the proper drying time and heat settings.

Remove the perforated metal shield from inside the door and pull out the mesh filter. Pull off all of the old lint from the mesh filter, and then pace the filter back into the door and reconnect the perforated shield. Close the door to the dryer.

Spin the knob for the dryer time slightly past your desired time and then rotate the knob back to the time you want the dryer to work. For acrylics, select a time between 70 and 90 minutes. For synthetics, select a time between 48 and 80 minutes. For cottons, select a time frame between 70 and 90 minutes.

Turn the heat control knob to select between low heat and high heat. For synthetics and cottons, select high heat. Select low heat for items made of acrylics and acrylic mixtures.

Press the "start" button to turn on the dryer. If you open the door while the dryer is running, the dryer will stop automatically. To restart the dryer, close the door and then press the start button again.

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