How to write a letter when reuniting with a long lost friend

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Do you have a long lost friend that you have not spoken to in years? It is often hard to know what to say when you write this type of friend a letter. It might be a childhood friend, a friend you met in college or any friend you have not seen in months or years. When you decide to write this person a letter, it is often best to begin it with an apology.

Address the letter. When you are reuniting with an old friend, address the letter "Dear" followed by your friend's name. If you remember the person by a certain nickname, it is appropriate to address it to that name as well.

Begin the body of the letter with an apology. By starting with an apology, you can let your friend know that you are sorry for the amount of time that has passed since seeing each other. With sincerity, tell your friend how sorry you are for letting this amount of time pass without any form of contact.

Let her know your purpose in writing the letter. This type of letter is generally used to reunite with the old friend. State this purpose early in the letter and tell her that you want to re-establish your friendship by writing the letter.

Tell him about your life. There may be a lot of details to state, depending on the amount of time that has passed. You do not need to write a complete life history, but tell him about important details of your life, such as your marital status, your job and if you have children.

Ask about her life. After you discuss details about your own life, ask her what is going on in hers. If the person was involved in an activity that you remember, ask her if she still is. Ask several questions, letting her know that you are interested in her life.

Offer your contact information. Tell your friend that you would love to hear from him. Give him your address, phone number and e-mail address. Ask him if he would be interested in meeting or talking on the phone.

Close the letter. At the end of this letter, you can write something such as, "I hope to hear from you soon!" Follow this with your name.

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