How to make beds higher

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You may want to raise the height of your bed for health reasons, or because you live in a small apartment and require storage space under the bed, or because a taller, more stately bed goes with your decor. If you want a higher bed and cannot afford the expense of buying a new bed, there are methods by which you can raise the height of your existing bed inexpensively with a little effort.

Purchase a mattress wedge that will fit your mattress correctly. Place the mattress wedge at the head of the bed. Some mattress wedges come with remotes that help you automatically adjust the height of the wedge. These wedges have health benefits because they slope the mattress and help give comfort with health conditions like acid reflux.

Purchase bed risers, available at most major stores. These sturdy plastic cones are designed so that the four legs of the bed fit snugly into the holes at the top of the risers. The bed risers elevate the bed to provide storage space under the bed.

Purchase bed frames with risers from furniture stores. You can purchase standard bed frames with risers or deluxe bed frames with risers depending on your requirements or budget. They raise the bed by 10 inches and have greater stability than bed risers.

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