How to See How You Would Look With a Buzzed Head

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Shaving your head for the first time is a big decision that should not be taken lightly, particularly if you're currently sporting a lustrous head of hair. Even if you like the idea, it's wise to consider what you're going to look like once the deed has been done. Fortunately, there are number of services that can show you what you'd look like with a bald head.

Navigate to the virtual headshave page on

Select how many photos you'd like to have altered. You will receive four bald versions of yourself for every photo you submit.

Follow the link to pay for your photos through PayPal.

Send your photos as an e-mail attachment, as directed. You will receive your bald pictures in 72 hours.

Go to and click on "Shave It."

Click on the "Buy now" PayPal button to make your payment.

Upload your photograph as directed. You will receive a large, high-quality picture up to 1280px by 800px within 48 hours.

Navigate to the Apple App Store.

Search for and download "Bald Booth."

Launch the app and select a picture of yourself from your phone's memory as directed.

Outline your hairline on the picture as directed and apply the bald effect. If it doesn't look right first time, try experimenting with the settings, until you get a natural bald look.

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