How to cheer a girl up through text

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When a girl is upset, whether she be a significant other or a friend, a loving and friendly text message can be a great way to cheer her up. Text messaging doesn't have to be impersonal; in fact, it can be a great way to give someone space but still remain in contact. Remember to be kind, understanding, caring and supportive; the girl you care about is upset and needs a pick-me-up. Making someone smile doesn't have to be a complicated or elaborate process; it can be as simple as telling a cheesy joke.

Text the girl and let her know how you feel about her, and that you care for her deeply. Knowing that someone cares can greatly cheer someone up.

Figure out the source of her sorrow if she's willing to talk about it. Pressing for an answer when she doesn't want to discuss the issue isn't a healthy idea; rather, it could make the situation worse. Understand that texting can occur at a slow, convenient pace.

Resolve the conflict, if possible. Text her any information that could help her overcome her troubles.

Find pictures to text to the girl. Pictures can be as effective, if not more effective, than loving words. Figure out what kind of images could be used to cheer her up. Consider cute photos, such as kittens or puppies, or silly photos of yourself.

Upload the pictures to your phone. Standard messaging rates may apply, so be sure to be aware of whether or not she can receive picture messages.

Text the pictures to the girl in the hopes of lifting her spirits. Consider adding some kind of motivational or inspiring text to complement the pictures.

Suggest a game or puzzle via text message, or propose a riddle. Create something interactive that can help keep her mind off whatever is troubling her.

Text the girl a simplified version of the "20 Questions" game. Allow her to ask questions about the object you are thinking of until she guesses it correctly. Allowing the girl to win (regardless of her answer) is a sure-fire way to cheer her up.

Relocate her focus with a text version of the hangman game. Allow her to guess letters until she correctly guesses the word.

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