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How to Transfer Music From an Old iPod to a New iPod Touch

Updated April 17, 2017

Apple released the iPod Touch in September, 2007. The iPod Touch was the first iPod that featured the ability to wirelessly connect to iTunes. Unlike a traditional iPod that relies on buttons for navigation, the iPod Touch is mainly navigation finger taps on its touch-sensitive screen. Transfer music from an older generation iPod to an iPod Touch by creating a backup of the files on the previous iPod, then using that backup to "restore" your new iPod Touch. The process is the same as with transferring music to any new iPod device, whether or not it is a Touch.

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  1. Plug your old iPod into your computer. Select it from the device list, then click "Summary," then "Restore." When prompted, click the "Back Up" option.

  2. Remove your old iPod and plug in your new iPod Touch.

  3. Select your new iPod Touch from the "Devices" list. Click "Summary," then "Restore."

  4. Click "Don't Back Up," then "Restore." Your new iPod Touch will take a moment to fully restore and restart.

  5. Click "Restore from a backup of..." and select the backup you just created with your old iPod. Click "Continue." Everything on your old iPod will be transferred to your new iPod Touch.

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