How to Reset a TASCAM DM-24

The TASCAM DM24 is a versatile and affordable, digital mixer. It features built-in automation, which eliminates the need for a computer, and you can store up to eight full mixes on it. Its versatility extends to its ability to interface with just about digital input/ouput, I/O. When problems arise and are fixed with your unit, you may be required to reset it.

Turn off the TASCAM DM-24. Simultaneously hold down the "2nd F," the "HIGH" and "-" buttons as you turn on the unit.

Continue holding down the buttons, and wait for "Diagnostic Mode" to appear on the display screen. Release the three buttons after this message appears.

Toggle down to "Sram Init," and press "Enter." Wait for the prompt, then press "Enter" again. Move down to "Flash Information Clear," and press "Enter." Wait for the prompt again, and press "Enter." A check mark appears.

Move down to "Exit," and press "Enter" to complete the reset. The TASCAM reboots.

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