How to make a survivorship curve chart on excel

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If you have Microsoft Office Excel on your computer, then you can use it to create a database of numbers that can be transformed into a chart reflecting survivor statistics from a disaster, disease or other event or condition.

Microsoft Excel offers a variety of curve charts that are useful for translating numbers into an educational graphical representation of your data.

Open Microsoft Excel. A new spreadsheet will appear on your screen.

Enter your survivorship data in cells A1 and down. Think of each cell as representative of a year and each number you enter into that cell representative of the people who survived. You can enter the data directly into the cell by clicking on it.

Press "Ctrl" and the "A" button at the same time.

Click the "Insert" tab, followed by the "Line" icon. Select a style of curved line graph. Recommended is the 3-D line graph. Once you select the style, Excel will convert your data into the curved line graph. The graph will appear on your screen.