How to Create a Clone Image of a WBFS Drive

The Wii backup file system, or WBFS, is used when creating backups of your legally purchased Nintendo Wii games. The backup files are placed onto a specially formatted hard drive called a WBFS drive.

While making a backup of your expensive Wii games is a great step in preserving your investments, making a backup of the backups is even better. Using a specially developed, one-of-a-kind software for the Nintendo Wii, you can make a clone image of the WBFS drive that holds your WBFS game backups.

Connect your primary WBFS drive to your computer's USB port and click the "Cancel" button when asked to format the drive in order to use it on your computer.

Open WBFS Manager and single-click the "Drive" button and a list will come up that shows you all of the different drives on your computer. Select the drive letter that corresponds to the WBFS drive. Click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop to view drives and their letters to make sure you select the correct drive letter. A list of installed games will populate underneath the drive letter.

Select all of the games that are on the WBFS drive by single-clicking the first game, holding the "Shift" key on the keyboard and single-clicking the last game on the drive. Connect the other WBFS drive that you would like to create the clone image on.

Single-click the "Clone" option on WBFS Manager and you will be asked to select the second WBFS drive. Click the "Drive" button underneath the "Drive to drive" caption and select the drive letter that corresponds to the second WBFS drive.

Wait as the first WBFS drive's contents are copied to the second WBFS drive. When the process completes, you will have a clone image of the WBFS drive with a backup of all of your games on two separate drives.