How to Remove Scroll Lock

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The scroll lock key on a keyboard affects the way the cursor moves through documents. It is a remnant of DOS-based computers and has no purpose other than to allow you to scroll through spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel without pointing the cursor to the page edge. It's a simple matter to turn scroll lock off on your keyboard.

Look at the top-right portion of your keyboard. Older keyboards will have a separate key for scroll lock. If you find the "Scroll Lock" button, press it. You have removed scroll lock.

Locate the "Function" or "FN" key on newer keyboards, typically between "Alt" and "Ctrl" on the bottom row of a keyboard. Locate the "Pause/Break" and "Num Lock" buttons on your keyboard, which are usually above the number pad on the top row of a keyboard.

To remove scroll lock, depress both the "FN" and "Pause/Break" keys or the "FN" and "Num Lock" keys simultaneously. You will see a message at the bottom of the screen that says "Scroll Lock Off".

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