The Spot-Hogg Whammy Archery Rest Installation

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Founded in 1987 by Steve Johnson, Spot-Hogg has grown into a company specialising in arrow accessories including sights, releases and arrow rests. One of the most significant products that Spot-Hogg developed was the Whammy archery rest. While most fall-away rests use spring tension and gravity to move the rest, the Whammy uses an activation cord that quickly jerks and snaps the rest away from the arrow for maximum accuracy. This specific style, however, also requires a specific installation process.

Position the Whammy archery rest on the riser and tighten the mounting bolt though the slotted section on the Whammy bar. Make sure the Whammy rest is perpendicular to the riser and fully tighten the mounting bolt and nylon-tip set screw.

Loosen the horizontal course adjustment screws. One screw is on the rounded portion of the launcher rod and the other is on the flat portion of the launcher rod.

Position the bow in a vertical position and orient the bow so the string is lined up with the centre shot. This is typically the centre of the riser.

Insert an arrow into the bow by connecting the nock to the bow string and setting the arrow on the rest.

Move the prong on the Whammy archery rest left or right until the arrow is lined up with the centre shot.

Tighten the horizontal set screws on the flat and rounded sections of the launcher rod.

Change the vertical microadjustment screws to position the arrow shaft so it lines up with the middle of the arrow rest hole on the riser.

Mark the bow string with a permanent marker about 1 to 1.5 inches below the cable guard. This mark is where you will tie the cord for the Whammy archery rest.

Tie a knot in the cord on the bow string and secure a tight knot.

Insert the other end of the cord into the Whammy archery rest and tighten the set screw.

Draw the bow until there is slight slack in the cord connecting the Whammy to the bow string.

Let the bow down and slide the knot up the bow string 0.5 inch.

Press the trigger on the Whammy and remove any slack by pulling the cord through the rest.

Continue this process until you draw the bow and the trigger on the rest stays in the "up" position while there is slack in the cord.

Tie in the cord to secure it in place on the bow string. Use a series of three to four overhand knots on the top and bottom of the cord so it can't move up or down.

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