How to Find All 17 Journal Pages in "LEGO Indiana Jones 2" for the DS

The 2009 game "LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues" is a different game on the Nintendo DS than it is on consoles, such as the Xbox 360. As IGN's Chris Roper explains, the DS version is set almost entirely in the fourth Indiana Jones film, "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," with limited flashbacks to the earlier three films. Because of this difference, some players may get easily confused when searching for information and experience difficulty when finding the 17 journal pages in the game. Getting all 17 journal pages is necessary to complete the game completion and to unlock mini games.

Unlock all of the playable characters. Although you can begin collecting journal pages during basic gameplay, you'll find that some journal pages require you to return to an area with characters who have certain abilities. Specifically, you'll need a character with a pet monkey, a character with a crystal skull, a digger character, a scholar character and a strong character at some point on your quest to find journal pages.

Rescue Mac. This step should occur right at the start of the game. Unlock story mode when you get Mac down from where he's hanging upside down.

Beat Satipo's challenge game. You must guide a boulder with the DS stylus so that it hits eight idol figurines in less than one minute.

Defeat Lao Che. You have one minute in which to jump on 16 of the crabs that peek in and out of the cave.

Speak to Irina Spalko on the beach. She will point out a monkey who has a journal page. You have to jump up on the ledge from the left side.

Jump up to a ledge when you see Donovan. To do so, build switches near the ledge out of LEGO pieces and jump up. Jump across to Donovan by landing on idols.

Destroy the rock by the numbers near Irina Spalko. Smashing the rock repeatedly is enough to release the journal page.

Battle Major Toht in a snowball fight. If you win, you'll receive the journal page.

Locate the rocks near the cabin. When you see rocks piled next to a cabin, smash them and build the LEGO pieces to make a throw pad. Throw your partner character with the throw pad and have that character check behind the chimney.

Swim near Lao Che in front of the crab game area. You should come across the journal page as you swim.

Climb the left wall in the bottom area of the mine. At the top is a journal page.

Defeat Mola Ram in battle. This unlocks another journal page.

Dig with the shovels near the monkey pad. You must have a character who can use the crystal skull to move the shovels. Dig up a whip pad and two spinning switches. Use them both to move the platforms, jump up the platforms and take the journal page.

Rescue Dr. Elsa Schneider. You will need a scholar character who can read the scholar panels near Elsa when she's in peril.

Command a pet monkey to climb vines near the monkey pad. You must have a character who has a pet monkey to do this. Find where Mac is climbing vines near the monkey pad and have your monkey climb up the vines until it reaches the journal page.

Hop to the top of the prison from Elsa's cell. Once you rescue Elsa, you will need a strong character to smash the panel in her cell. This makes a bounce pad appear. Assemble the bounce pad and jump up to the top of the prison to grab the journal page.

Dig according to Dr. Belloq's instructions. When you meet Dr. Belloq, he will tell you where to dig to uncover a journal page. You will need a digger character for this task.

Dig up Colonel Dovchenko. You must have a digger character and a character with a crystal skull. To find Colonel Dovchenko, walk to the right from the area in which Dr. Belloq is located. Use the crystal skull to part the swarm of bugs and walk past. Dig until you uncover the Colonel.

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