How Do I Wire a 110-Volt Plug?

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A 110-volt plug provides power from an outlet to a device. In North America, the modern standard is a Type-B 3-ping outlet. A 3-prong plug connects to the receptacle by pushing it into its slots. Each connection has its own job. The larger flat terminal provides the neutral connection. The smaller flat terminal is the "hot" connection and the bottom round terminal is the ground connection. The ground is the backup safety system for the plug.

Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off the end of the three wires with wire strippers.

Loosen the terminal screws off on the male 15-amp grounded connector slightly.

Wrap the black "hot" wire around the positive terminal and tighten it down.

Wrap the white "neutral" wire around the neutral terminal and tighten it down.

Wrap the green of bare wire around the grounding terminal and tighten it down.

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