How to make memory jug crafts

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Memory jugs have a hazy history. They might have begun as memorials for the dead or as keepsakes intended to be buried with them. They might also have started as just a pleasant activity or hobby. Whatever their origin, memory jugs are meant to remind those who view them of people or things from the past. Intensely personal, memory jug crafts are the perfect way to display your own mementos and decorative objects that have special meaning for you.

Wash and dry the jug.

Cover the jug with a thick layer of sculpting clay in the colour or colours of your choice.

Press trinkets into the clay while it is still moist.

Allow the clay to air-dry according to the manufacturer's directions.

Brush a clear acrylic sealer over the entire surface of the jug, or paint it with acrylic paint, covering the clay and the embedded trinkets.

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