How to Sign Up to Create a Hotmail Account & Make a New Hotmail Email Address

Hotmail is a Web-based service that provides free e-mail accounts with up to 7 GB of storage space. A Hotmail e-mail account allows you to keep in contact with any person that has an e-mail account. You can open a new Hotmail e-mail account by visiting the MSN (Microsoft Network) website.

Go to using any Web browser on your computer.

Click "Hotmail" on the top of the MSN home page.

Click the button labelled "Sign Up."

Create your new Hotmail address using the field next to "Hotmail address." For example, you can use your name as your Hotmail address. Use the "Check Availability" button to check whether the Hotmail address you entered is not already in use.

Enter a password into the "Create a Password" field. Retype the password in the "Retype Password" field. (Passwords are case sensitive.)

Enter your personal information and location into the relevant fields.

Click "I Accept" to create your new Hotmail account. You can now log in to your Hotmail account from

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