How to Make Long-Sleeved Gloves

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Practical accessories like gloves are not only for winter. When created from formal fabrics like lace, satin and leather, gloves can be part of a fashion statement besides providing warmth. Whether you want a pair of evening gloves to go with your best frock or need to embellish a costume gown, you don't need to go shopping to get the most suitable pair. With a little smart sewing, you can create your own long-sleeved gloves at home.

Cut apart a cheap winter glove all along the side seams to use as a hand pattern. Discard one side, and trace the other onto a sheet of paper.

Have a friend help you loosely trace the shape of your arm onto a sheet of paper. Trace from your wrist all the way to the middle of your upper arm.

Tape the arm drawing to the glove drawing, matching the wrists.

Add seam allowances of half an inch all around the tracing. At the fingers, overlap the seam allowances if necessary.

Cut along the seam allowance lines to get your glove pattern. Pin the pattern to a double layer of your stretch fabric, which can be lace or satin, so long as the material has at least a 2-way stretch.

Cut around the pattern to get two glove pieces. Pin and cut the pattern again to get glove pieces for your other arm.

Cut the glove pattern along the inside lines. Match the glove pattern to the glove pieces, and use a fabric pencil to mark the position of the fingers.

Sew each pair of glove pieces together at the sides, following the fabric pencil markings.

Test the fit of the glove on your arm. If the glove is too tight or too loose, tear out the side seams with a seam ripper and move the seam positions.

Zigzag stitch or serge the seam allowances, then trim them to 1/4 of an inch.

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