How to Cancel an eFax

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eFax is an online fax service that will fax directly to an e-mail account. You need to pay for an account to use this service.There is no way to cancel a fax once you have sent it through eFax. If you find yourself wanting to "unsend" faxes often, you may want to use a different method of delivery and cancel your eFax account. Cancelling your account can be done at any time but many people find it difficult. eFax doesn't display this information readily on their website. There are two different methods of cancellation you can use. These methods let you speak directly with a representative either on the phone or in an online chat session.

Call the number 1-323-817-3205. This will connect you with a live operator.

Tell the operator that you wish to cancel your account. They may transfer you to a different department. Stay on the phone even after you've been put on hold.

Explain the reasons that you want to cancel your account. The operator may try to convince you to keep your account by offering you cheaper fax services or even gifts. Refuse these gifts.

Verify your account has been cancelled and thank the operator for their time.

Double check your current account to make sure they are no longer taking money using the auto-pay service. Repeat the process if they have not cancelled your account.

Go online and navigate to the site This will open up a page where you can chat with a cancellation agent online. This option is only available in the United States. Click the "country specific telephone number" link to find the number you can call to cancel.

Click on the "Click to Chat with an Online Representative" link. You will be redirected to an online chat session. Use the keyboard to chat with the representative.

Explain that you want to cancel your account. Give your account information to the representative. Refuse any gifts or reduce price offers he may extend.

Verify your cancellation and check your current account to make sure they have cancelled your account.

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