How to Sharpen Wahl Clippers & Liner Clippers at Home

Revitalise that old pair of Wahl clippers taking up space on your bathroom shelf with a quick sharpening. Many people just replace their Wahl or Liner clippers after the blades on them have grown dull, but with a simple sharpening they would have worked good as new. A pair of clippers can be sharpened in less than an hour without any special tools and the whole process is pretty easy to do.

Remove the blade screws that hold the blade in place at the head of your clippers using a screwdriver. After the screws have been removed, use a toothbrush or other like device to clean out all hair, dirt or other debris from the blade. Clipper blade performance problems are often due to lack of cleaning rather than being sharpened.

Sharpen the blade of your Wahl or Liner clippers as though they were a knife using a sharpening stone or piece of glass and sandpaper if you don't have one. When using the sandpaper and glass technique, first add a small amount of oil across the sandpaper in the location where you will be sharpening the clipper and fold the sandpaper over the piece of glass so that the oil is on the edge. Oil is used for obtaining a fine finish, for an even finer finish use mineral oil.

Rub the blade against the edge of the sandpaper covered glass (or sharpening stone) using one steady direction only. Do this for about thirty seconds. Turn the clipper blade over and repeat this same motion again for thirty seconds on the other side of the blade. The more pressure you apply to the blade when rubbing, the sharper it will get.

Wipe the blade clean with a cloth when finished sharpening. If the blade is not sharpened to desire repeat the previous step. You will know the blade is sharp enough when it's edge is shiny. If blade contains rust after sharpening, clean the blade with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Continue to rub the clipper blade with the cotton ball until all rust is removed. This may also help in adding to the sharpness of your Wahl or Liner clippers.

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