How to clean eyebrow tweezers

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Plucking and tweezing the eyebrows is a daily ritual for most women and some men. Most people don't think twice about their eyebrow tweezers, but these beauty tools may actually be harbouring harmful bacteria and dirt. Since the eye area is extremely delicate, it's important to clean and sanitize your equipment anytime you groom your eyebrows.

Take a good look at your current pair of eyebrow tweezers. If they're no longer sharp or they have any rust on them at all, throw them away ASAP.

Pick up a pair of stainless steel eyebrow tweezers. Look for high-quality tweezers that are durable and well made. Pick up a pair of slanted tweezers for precision plucking or a pair of flat tweezers for plucking several hairs at a time.

Wash tweezers in soap and water before every tweezing session. Use an antibacterial soap and pat tweezers dry using a clean, cotton cloth.

Sanitize the tip of your tweezers with alcohol or peroxide. Run a cotton swab dipped in alcohol across the tips for a deep clean. Rinse tweezers under water after sanitizing them to prevent harsh ingredients from irritating the skin.

Clean your eyebrows while you wait for tweezers to dry. If you want a more precise plucking session, dip a cotton ball in petroleum jelly and rub it across the brow to set the hairs. You can also dab facial toner across the brows to disinfect the area, but be prepared for it to sting a little.

Pluck eyebrows as desired. Rub a cotton swab dipped in alcohol over the tips of your tweezers as soon as you're done.

Return the plastic tip guard to your tweezers. This helps to keep them sharp and prevents dust and other elements from gunking them up.

Store your tweezers in a clean, dry place. Clean storage containers at least once a month to keep dirt away from the tips.

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