How to make part of word document landscape & part portrait

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A standard Microsoft Word document uses portrait orientation -- the page is vertical, and its height exceeds its width. You can easily switch the whole document to landscape view, which uses a horizontal orientation, with its width is longer than its height. Using both of these orientations in the same document poses a more complex task, but you can accomplish it using the advanced margin settings. When changing the orientation, specify that the change applies only to the selected text.

Open the Word document and ensure that the pages are in portrait orientation. To change the orientation, if necessary, click the "Page Layout" tab on the Ribbon, then click "Orientation," then select "Portrait" from the drop-down menu.

Select or highlight the page or pages that you want to switch to landscape view. To select, click and drag the cursor, or hold down the "Shift" key while pressing the downward "Arrow" key until the entire selection appears highlighted in blue.

Click the "Page Layout" tab on the Ribbon.

Click the "Margins" icon on the Ribbon, which opens a drop-down menu.

Click "Custom Margins" at the bottom of that drop-down menu, which launches the Page Setup dialogue box, opened to the Margins tab.

Click "Landscape," under the Orientation heading in the Page Setup dialogue box.

Click the drop-down field displaying the words "Whole document," at the bottom of the dialogue box, next to the words "Apply to." On the drop-down menu, click "Selected text."

Click "OK" at the bottom of the dialogue box.

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