How to Remove a Stuck CO2 Cartridge in a Crosman 2240

The Crosman 2240 is an air powered pistol that fires .22 calibre pellets. To propel the pellets the 2240 uses CO2 cartridges. These cartridges are put into a special housing in the pistol. Pulling the trigger when ready to fire releases a controlled amount of the compressed gas, causing the pellet to fly out of the pistol barrel. Occasionally the cartridges get stuck in the housing and must be removed.

Place the 2240 safety to "On." Check that the weapon is unloaded by opening the chamber and pulling out the pellet. Unplug the pellet canister to ensure no rounds enter the chamber while removing the stuck cartridge.

Twist the filler-cap counterclockwise. The cap is at the end of the barrel and pushes the butt-end of the CO2 cartridge into the housing. Listen and wait until you do not hear any gas escaping from the cartridge.

Twist the filler-cap clockwise. Pull straight out on the filler assembly to expose the CO2 cartridge.

Tip the 2240 down so the CO2 cartridge falls out of the pistol. Shake the pistol to release the CO2 cartridge if it sticks. If still stuck, grip the end of the CO2 cartridge and pull straight out.

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