How to black out teeth for a Halloween costume

Rebecca Grabill/iStock/Getty Images

The key to blacking out teeth is to darken them with something so that the teeth appear to be missing from a distance. This look works well with hillbilly, redneck, mummy and violent costumes, such as a fight victim or professional fighter. There are several ways to darken teeth artificially, but the safest way is to use non-toxic paste wax and dental adhesive. When you are finished wearing the costume, you can peel the wax off of your tooth and discard it.

Mold the wax between your fingers until it is soft and pliable. You may have to add another material to the wax to make it soft enough, such as spirit gum. You can even use edible supplies, such as gum paste, to make the wax more pliable.

Open your mouth as wide as possible to reveal your front teeth. Pull back your lips to expose the entire teeth and some of the gums.

Dry your teeth with a lint-free cloth. This is necessary to get the wax to stick onto the teeth.

Apply a small amount of dental adhesive to the teeth that you want to black out. Do not lower your lips over your teeth during this step.

Press a small ball of wax over the teeth and into the dental adhesive. Ply the wax with your fingers to completely cover the teeth with wax. Wait about five minutes for the dental adhesive to dry before eating or drinking. Try to avoid eating and drinking in general while wearing the wax to prevent accidentally swallowing the wax if it comes loose from the teeth.

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