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How to Make Grillz

What are Grillz? The metal-mouth creations known as 'grillz' are really a trend adaptation of gold crowns or fillings. Clubbers and other hipsters are making their own "fake gold teeth", sometimes a whole mouthful of them, out of foil or other handy materials. With high-end accessorizers catching on, the range of grillz products is expanding. Here's one way to make your own.

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Get your materials together. A more rigid kind of foil would be best, as well as a good pair of scissors or shears.

Fit the foil into your mouth and mold it around your teeth.

Take the foil out and cut it to fit.

Fit the foil back into your mouth and identify any uncomfortable edges.

Take the mold out and trim it again.

Put the mold back in and make sure it fits tightly onto your teeth.

Bond your grillz as necessary. Use your fingers to press your grillz into place. If you can find a good non-toxic glue, you could use it to fix the grillz onto your teeth, but a better method would be to include a "lip" in the foil that goes over top of your teeth and around the interior edge just a little do that the grillz "hug" your teeth, making glue unnecessary.


Decorate your grillz. As these post-modern accessories get more popular, the original idea (gold teeth) is becoming more of a novelty, and trend-setters are adding all kinds of decorations to their mouths: diamond or silver letters forming a name or word, gold crosses, fake rubies, and all kinds of other small additions will customize your grillz and make them unique.


Watch out for fillings! Grillz were originally based on mimicking the gold that fillings used to be made of. Ironically, grillz and fillings don't mix: if you have any on your tooth surfaces, the foil will be really painful! Don't experiment with glue! Use the methods shown above instead of trying to glue your grillz on. Gluing can be hazardous and make it hard to take your grillz off when you're done impressing everybody.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tin Foil in a gold or other applicable color
  • Non-toxic glue as needed
  • Scissors

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