How to reheat Chinese takeaway

Image by Alpha; Flickr.

Chinese food didn't join the mainstream UK diet until the 1950s, but since then Brits have developed a taste for this delicious Asian cuisine and no self-respecting high street is now without its own Chinese takeaway. Large portions are typical, though, and these leftovers make a sinfully tasty addition to almost any meal, at any time of day or night. How you reheat your leftover Chinese takeaway can make the difference between a savoury meal and a small house fire.

Empty the desired portion of food into a microwaveable plastic container. Use a wide container so your food spreads flat and heats evenly. Some restaurants deliver their food in microwaveable containers, but others still use the traditional foil box. This metal will spark into flames in your microwave.

Microwave your container of Chinese food for one minute without a lid. Stir the contents after one minute and turn over any large pieces of meat or dumplings.

Return the container to the microwave and continue heating for another minute. Remove the container and try a bite to test the temperature. Return to the microwave if the food is too cool or enjoy as is.

Return the original container to the fridge promptly to avoid spoilage.

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