How to make a Sims costume

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For a last-minute costume, or one for that person who hates to dress up, few things are as doable as a Sims costume. The Sims game is an enduring series involving simulated human beings and their interactions. Each Sim, which is what people are called in the game, has a diamond-shaped indicator floating over his head at all times. The Sims are generally well-dressed in colour-coordinated outfits, but can wear any style of clothing depending on the situation.

Cut pieces of green mylar to match each side of the diamond. Use craft glue to glue the mylar pieces to the diamond, covering the entire outside surface.

Cut a straight piece from a wire hanger to measure 30 cm (12 inches) long. Wrap one end of the cut wire around the centre of the headband with the other end of the wire sticking up from the headband. Twist the end tightly with pliers to keep it in place.

Push one point of the diamond onto the wire that sticks up from the headband. Push the wire in until the point reaches about midway into the diamond.

Get dressed in colour-coordinated clothing. Use solid colour pieces and avoid prints. Place the headband on your head with the diamond sticking straight up above the centre of your head.

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