How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Boss for a Promotion

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Your boss has offered you a promotion and you may or may not have applied for the new role. After accepting the promotion, you may wish to write a personalised thank you note to your boss. Take extra care with the wording and ensure that the final product has a professional and sincere tone.

Send the note within 1 week of receiving the promotion. Your boss will appreciate your good manners and may even share your note with his colleagues.

Hand write the thank you note if you have legible penmanship. Use a blue or black pen and high-quality stationery or plain note cards. Alternatively, you could use a business-letter format.

Select the most appropriate tone for the thank you note or letter. If you see your boss on a regular basis, use her first name in the salutation and throughout the body of the letter. Adopt a more formal tone if you have few encounters with your boss. In those cases, use the recipient's surname with her personal title.

Use the first paragraph to thank your boss for the promotion. For example, "I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate this recent promotion to Vice President of Sales. I am delighted to accept the offer."

Use the second paragraph to provide more specifics about the position and your boss's involvement. Mention any special help or guidance you may have received from him and other colleagues. For example, "I am grateful for all the support and direction you have provided. Your open-door policy made it very easy for me to approach you with questions or concerns. You recognised my strengths and provided me with many opportunities for professional development."

Use the final paragraph to express your appreciation for the promotion. For example, "Thanks again! I am looking forward to working alongside you and the rest of the administrative staff."

Use an appropriate closing, such as "Sincerely" or "Kindest regards" and sign your name.

Select the most appropriate delivery method. In some workplaces, a casual approach is favoured. You could hand the note to your boss or leave it on her desk. Alternatively, you could use the company's internal mail system. If your boss works in another building, send the thank you note by mail.