How to Install a S2000 Headrest Speaker

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Honda S2000 is a two-seater sports car produced from 2000 through the 2009 model year. The roll bar behind the seats serves as a good speaker frame and will augment the audio performance for both the driver and passenger. You can install speakers next to or in existing headrests with some effort.

You can also buy ready-made speaker-equipped headrests to install behind your seats; these headrest are much easier to install and accomplish the same sonic effect.

Move the seats forward and remove the two screws that hold each interior panel. Remove the interior panel.

Set the rear cover speaker inside the Honda S2000 roll bar hoop.

Insert one short screw into one of the upper mounting holes of the speaker mounting plate. Start the

screw into the corresponding insertion point using the Phillips screwdriver in the rear backing plate.

Insert and tighten the remaining screws by hand. Do not use an electric screwdriver. An electric screwdriver will overtighten the screws and possibly damage the S-Pod. The screws need to be "snug" and will gently pull the rear cover into perfect alignment as you tighten them.

Insert the speaker wires into the wire concealer and attach the wire concealer down the back of the seat or rear panel. Clean the area surface area before attaching the wire concealer.

Connect the wire to the speakers, and install the speakers.

Attach the speaker grille by pressing the grille clips into the speaker mounting plate.