Reebok RE3000 Instructions

Becoming or staying fit can be an expensive process when you include the cost of gym memberships and gas to get back and forth between workouts. The Reebok RE3000 is a model of elliptical machine that you can install and use in your home to get the workout you want without going to a costly gym.

Once the RE3000 is in your home, you can use the on-board computer to plan and track your workouts.

Move the RE3000 to a location where you can operate it without running into any objects or walls. Grasp the handle bars at the top of the machine with both hands. Place one foot onto the pedal that is closest to the ground. Place the other foot onto the other foot pedal and stand straight up.

Begin moving your legs in a circular motion toward the front of the machine as if you were pedalling a bicycle. The movement of the foot pedals will provide power to the computer. Press any of the buttons on the control panel to turn on the LCD screen of the computer.

Press the "Mode" button to select the type of program you want to use while exercising. You can choose between "Time," "Distance," and "Calories." Press the "Set" button when the correct mode appears on the LCD screen. A number will appear on the screen. Press the "Set" button once to increase the number by one unit until your goal appears.

Continue moving your legs in the circular motion described in Step 2 to continue exercising. As you continue, the goal you set in Step 3 will continually decrease until it reaches zero. When it reaches zero, an alarm will sound to indicate your workout is over. Press any button to stop the alarm and stop pedalling to turn off the machine.

Place your hands over the heart-rate sensors built into the handle bars of the machine at any time to get a heart-rate reading. The reading will be displayed on the LCD screen as long as you are in contact with the sensors.