How Can You Get an Instructor's Password on Wiley?

Wiley publishes textbooks for a variety of subjects, such as Biology, Psychology, Engineering and Economics. In addition to textbooks, Wiley provides instructors with supplemental materials to help them boost the quality and content of their courses without having to come up with everything from scratch. Supplemental materials include lecture materials, test banks, PowerPoint slides and discussion questions. Instructors can access the materials online; however, Wiley restricts access to only approved instructors for a particular text and course.

Register as an instructor on the Wiley website. You will need to provide your name, what course and where you are teaching. The information you submit will be verified by a Wiley representative.

Receive e-mail confirmation of your online application. The e-mail will contain the name and contact info of your Wiley representative. You can log on to the site but will not have access to any instructor-restricted materials.

Receive another e-mail or phone call from your Wiley representative to confirm that all your information has been verified. At this point, you will receive access to restricted materials.

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