How to record from a laptop via TV to DVD recorder

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Before you can record video playing from your laptop to a TV and DVD recorder, the laptop must be connected to these other devices. The video and audio signal from the laptop has to be passed through the DVD recorder and to the TV. You can use a device called a "VGA-to-composite video" converter to accomplish this. As the name implies, the converter is designed to convert the VGA video signal output from a laptop to a composite video signal that's compatible with TVs and DVD recorder devices.

Connect one end of the VGA cable to the VGA port located on the side of the laptop. Connect the other end of this cable to the "VGA In" port on the converter.

Plug one end of the composite video cable into the yellow composite video output jack on the converter. Plug the other end of the cable into the yellow composite video input jack on the back of the DVD recorder. The "composite video" cable and jack are the same as a yellow AV cable and jack. The terms are synonymous.

Insert the stereo plug end of the stereo-to-RCA cable into the laptop's headphone jack.

Plug the red RCA plug, located on the other end of the stereo-to-RCA cable, into the red "AV In"' jack (labelled "Audio R") on the back of the DVD recorder. Insert the white RCA plug into the white "AV In" jack (labelled "Audio L") on the back of the DVD recorder.

Use the set of AV cables to connect the DVR recorder's AV output jacks to the corresponding AV input jacks on the TV set. AV jacks and the plugs on the ends of the AV cables are colour-coded. Each AV plug should be inserted into the AV jack matching its colour.

Connect the converter's power cable to the device's "DC" power port. Plug the converter's power cable into an electrical socket.

Turn on the TV, DVD recorder, and laptop.

Use the "Input" button on the "TV" remote control to set the TV's video input channel to the proper AV source. Use the "Input" or "Source" button on the DVD recorder's remote to set the device's video input channel to the AV source. If all is set up properly, you should now be able to see whatever is on the laptop screen on the TV screen as well.

Load the DVD-R disc into the DVD recorder.

Use the "Mode" button on the DVD recorder remote to select your preferred recording speed.

Open the video file stored on your laptop or use the laptop's Web browser to navigate to the Web page showing the video you want to record.

Press "Record" on the DVD recorder. Immediately begin playing back the video from the laptop to begin dubbing the video from the laptop to the DVD-R disc. Push "Stop" on the DVD recorder when the recording is finished.

Open the DVD recorder's Main Menu options. Locate and select the option to "Finalize" the disc.

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