How to make a strapped bra look strapless

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Strapless tops and blouses are a staple of most summer wardrobes for women, calling for the use of a strapless bra. However, when a strapless bra is not available, strapped underwire bras can be made to look like a strapless bra. Conceal your straps with a few techniques to make the strapped bra appear strapless. Keep your bra cups in place with the use of fashion tape, preventing an accidental reveal of your top.

Put on a strapped underwire bra without placing the straps on your shoulders. Bend forward and place each breast inside a bra cup. Then insert the bra hooks in the back of the bra into the hook eyes to close the bra. The bra straps are left dangling on the left and right sides of the bra.

Adjust each breast inside the underwire bra cups with your hands, preventing the breast from slipping outside of the cup. Place double-sided bra or fashion tape across the inner top portion of each cup near the hemmed edge. This keeps your bra cups from slipping down.

Tuck the right bra strap into the side support portion of the underwire bra. Place it between your skin and bra fabric. Repeat on the left side. Straighten bra straps with your thumb or index fingers on both sides of the bra to remove any bumps or twists in the strap.

Place your strapless top on over the underwire bra. Pull your blouse or top up with your hands to hide the front and sides of your strapped underwire bra.

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