How to Auto Attack in Ragnarok

"Ragnarok Online" is an MMORPG developed and published by Gravity Co., Ltd. Like many online role-playing games, "Ragnarok Online" focuses on defeating monsters. In order to collect currency, rare items and level your character, you must fight different monsters in the game.

Although there is no way to actually "auto attack" without hacking the game, you can enter a slash command into the command box. The slash command allows you to continuously attack the monster without having to press the CTRL key.

Load "Ragnarok Online" and begin your game.

Locate your chat window. Slash commands are entered directly into the chat box.

Type "/nc" or "/noctrl" into the chat box, without the quotation marks. Press "Enter."

Find and attack an enemy. You will be able to continuously click on it without holding down the CTRL button.