How to display degree letters after your name

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In letters for business and formal presentations, indicating a degree or professional title you have earned can define your credentials and display your rank. Although the degree etiquette can seem like self-flattery, the countless hours of studying and hard work means you deserve the distinction. By knowing the proper abbreviations for your degree or title, you can add a few important letters after your name to make you stand out from the crowd.

Displaying degree letters after your name

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Assess your highest degree. If you hold multiple degrees of different ranking levels, include the highest degree level earned for the particular field. For example, a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree outranks an undergraduate Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. If you have obtained both, list the dominate degree after your name.

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Write the abbreviation with the correct punctuation. For example, "Ph.D." represents the abbreviation for a Doctor of Philosophy degree, "M.B.A." represents a Masters of Business Administration degree, and so forth.

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Write your first and last name, followed by a comma and the correct abbreviation. For example, a medical doctor would have the title "John Smith, M.D."

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