How to fix chipped high heels

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Dressing up for an event means wearing your favourite set of high heel stilettos or classy pumps that compliment your outfit the best. Unfortunately, last minute shoe accidents - like a sudden chipped heel tip - must be replaced. Luckily, there is a quick fix to this dilemma. Invest in a heel tip replacement kit for a simple repair. A heel tip replacement kit is likely to have a heel tip, which fits or is similar to the shape and size of your shoe.

Purchase a tip heel replacement kit from a shoe repair shop or fabric/craft store. Refer to the kit's measuring scale on the back of the product's labelling to determine the correct heel tip measurement.

Pull off the chipped heel tip with a pair of pliers from the point where the chip starts. Rotate the pliers back and forth in a "left and right" motion with as much force possible, if the heel tip has a metal base.

Repair any loose shoe material around the heel tip by gluing its strips back into place. If the material is too damaged, apply acrylic paint and textile medium in a hue that matches the shoe's colour with a make-up sponge or nail brush.

Apply an ample amount of fabric glue or the glue from the replacement kit onto the heel. Remove the heel tip from the kit's packaging. Position the replacement heel tip correctly on top of the shoe's heel and tap it firmly with a hammer. Press the shoe down on the floor so that the glue affixes to the replacement tip securely.

File the new heel tip down to size so that it matches the old heel as before. Use caution when filing. File slowly so that you will not remove too much shoe material or weaken the new heel tip.

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