How to Dry Whey

Whey, which is found in cow's milk during cheese production, contains salts, water, fat, proteins, peptides and lactose. Protein from whey is considered to be the highest-quality natural protein. You can use whey in gravies and sauces or dry it to make a concentrated powder. You can dry whey yourself at home to save for later use. You can use concentrated whey powder as an additive for drinks, stews, soups and other foods.

Pour your whey into the sauce pan. Place it on the stove and bring it to a boil.

Turn the heat down to a lower setting, just high enough to create a low boil. Stir the whey often.

Cook the whey until it starts to become much thicker, stirring more frequently as it begins to thicken. Continue to cook and stir until the whey turns a deep golden colour.

Remove the sauce pan from the heat and pour the whey out onto a baking tray lined with waxed paper.

Let the whey cool completely and set into a slab.

Break the whey into small pieces of yapproximately 1 to 2 inches. Let it continue to dry for approximately three weeks.

Grind up the now hardened pieces, using a mortar and pestle. Continue to grind the whey up until it resembles crumbs and has no large pieces remaining.

Pour your ground up whey into a jar and cover with an airtight lid.

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